How To Start An Export And Import Business

Export Import Business

One of the lucrative businesses in the long run is export and import business.You can easily start from anywhere with a small investment. Although it may seem complicated at the beginning, you can start it right by sitting at home with the right idea.

There are many importers and exporters who have succeeded in this business right from home. So, how to get started? Let us know step by step and follow the process by which you can reach new horizons of success.

Start Your Business with Website and Blog

Before starting this business you need to think about creating a website. For this, first define a domain and hosting for the business. Then think about creating a website with it. An attractive website plays an important role in generating new customers.

If you can’t create a website yourself, then you can get help through various platforms online. No success can be achieved without this type of business website. It is much better if you can create a blog for your business or include a blog on the website.

The opportunity to do business with new clients will depend on the proper presentation of all business related information on the website or blog.

Select Your Product and Market

You need to figure out what kind of product you want to start trading with. In the new situation, African markets can be chosen for export. Because in there is a lot of potential and demand for improvement.

You can export clothing, electronics and other necessities in the initial stages. Once you can create demand for products in the markets then your business will open the door to success.

For this, set your goals for product trading, where you can sell products. In the case of import and export of goods, it must take into account the cost and then determine the profit.

Select Supplier

Select Supplier

You need to find suppliers for all the products or services you want to import. Thomas Net, Alibaba, Global Source can be a great platform for businesses in international trade.

Also participate in various industry trade exhibitions to establish and resolve identity relationships with suppliers.

Determining the Price of the Product


Conclusive the right price for your product is very important in this export and import business.

In general, in the case of import and export business, the market value of the product has to be determined accurately after considering purpose of marketing , cost, demand for the product in the market, evaluation of competitors, transportation, taxes, duties, commissions.

Catch Your Customers

Success cannot be achieved if the desired customer of the business is not created. So you should create a target customer through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the blog or website.

In addition, Local media such as commercial companies, the Chamber of Commerce, Embassies and Commercial Consulates Should be contacted. Because they can help you create a target customer by arranging trade shows that are held locally and internationally to help market of product related to your business.

Again, Commercial Services (CS) of the United States can help you get foreign agents, sales agents, distributors, customers and business partners. You can get help from social media and networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter.

Watch Your Paperwork

Paper Work

There are some important factors to consider when starting this business. For example, you need to complete the import export license, get in touch with the local government office and learn about international business rules.

Also be sure to know the rules and regulations of the country you are doing business with. Actually the rules of different countries are not the same. Above all, you should consult a lawyer to get all the paperwork of the business done.

Build a Shipment Process

Shipment Process

By completing all the tasks of paper work, it is necessary to concentrate on the tasks required to trade the products. All the options in the shipment have to be taken into consideration.

Generally, there are different import and export mediums in each country such as sea route, by air and transport route. The paperwork and all the certificates should be monitored in case of product shipment.

If you do not follow the rules for trading goods then it will cause huge losses for the business. In a country where you are thinking of importing and exporting goods, it is better to work as a team through negotiations or partnerships with the country’s traders.

In fact nobody will bring you business success. You have to successful by making the right decisions with your own efforts. However, I hope this business can succeed if you follow the above procedures properly and adopt the right strategy.

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